Thursday, March 4, 2010

Higgins labeled as out of touch with working man

Carl Paladino had some harsh words for Brian Higgins today on his blog. He feels Higgins has traded in his working class roots and developed "Washington eyes." Paladino feels Higgins is out of touch with you and I and only concerned with impressing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Here is the post in it's entirety:

Brian, you have a dilemma. Those overwhelming progressive liberal views that you suppressed in the past have now combined with an ego, arrogance and indifference that has outgrown our community and blossomed into an unacceptable conflict with the views of your moderate working class constituency.On behalf of the working men and women of Western New York, we warn you that the tax, social and business burdens of the democrat sponsored Health Care Bill in its present form, are overwhelmingly at odds with the best interests of the people you represent.

If you vote for it we will vehemently oppose your re-election. Your infatuation with Nancy Pelosi, as with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, is off the reservation. You should consider serving the interests of those who you represent.

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  1. I would love for Mr. Paladino to run against Higgens. It' a race he could win and it would be nice to have a man represent south Buffalo.