Friday, March 26, 2010

For Sale: New York state

Recently, I wrote that New York State is no longer a government but a criminal enterprise. People might dismiss that as blogger hyperbole, but please examine this article from today's Buffalo News as a case in point. New York's ruling Democrats in the state senate are actually advertising that they are currently accepting bribes. They don't say it in that language but we'll act as a translater.

ALBANY — State Senate Democrats are opening their special access campaign clubs beyond just labor groups and are promising meetings with Senate leaders in return for donations of as much as $50,000, the Democrats' chief fundraiser said Thursday.
Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, who runs the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, told The Buffalo News that an array of interests with business at the Capitol are being asked to join "advisory councils" to help counsel the party's lawmakers about how to keep control of the Senate this fall.

Advisory council. I wonder how many of these crooks it took to come up with that name? For at least $50,000, the senators will prostitute themselves to protect their interests and the interests of these businesses that do business with the state. If the groups don't pay the money, the senators are taking their ball and going home. Since you and I don't pay them, our interests are not important.

Soon, he said, special advisory councils will be formed to collect campaign cash from environmental interests, lawyers and others, and they will get face-to-face time with Senate leaders in return for the pricey memberships.
Government watchdogs called the timing especially troubling: The state budget is being negotiated at the Capitol, a plan that can turn interest groups into major winners or losers.
"It shows a disregard for the ordinary voter. It's really breathtaking," said Susan Lerner, executive director of New York Common Cause.
"It's as if New Yorkers needed confirmation of their worst suspicion that our state policies and our fiscal policies are up for sale to the highest bidder," she said.

Could you imagine if local burglers took out ads in the South Buffalo News and said, "I have goods that are real cheap because I didn't have to pay for them. I stole them from your neighbors' houses. Meet with me and I'll sell them to you for next to nothing." That is what is going on here. These people in the senate are selling the interests of average voters to groups willing to pay them. I hope average people read about things like this and start paying attention to idiots like Bill Stachowski, Dale Volker, Sam Hoyt, and other state leaders (Senate and Assembly) that have simply been in office way too long. Since Tim Kennedy represents more of the same status quo, I plan on writing in the guy who sells used golf balls out of his car on Potters Road as my representative in the Senate.

N.Y. Senate Democrats offer access for money : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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