Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shelf life almost up on Sam Hoyt

Assemblyman Blowhard is telling teachers they need to skip pay hikes. Where was Sam Hoyt's conservatism when the Assembly was discussing his pay increases.? This guy makes at least $79,000 a year, which means he's overpaid by $78,000. Here's a guy who's been in Albany since the 1980s. What has he ever accomplished? Nothing. As a part time teacher, I'm currently not for or against pay hikes. I know everyone has to make sacrifices. However, Sam Dolittle should start by looking in the mirror. He's the last guy who should be calling for others to tighten their belts.

I'm predicting defeat this year for daddy's little boy. While Hoyt is in Albany professing his love to 18 year old interns, teachers and other people are actually out performing some sort of job. Sam, don't make suggestions on anything. Your opinion is irrevelent. It's a sad joke that the people in North Buffalo are dumb enough year in and year out to reelect you. Every time you open up your mouth and try to speak, we're all embarrassed for you and them.. Thank God your shelf life is almost up. I think most of Western New York is on to your sorry act.
Assemblymen want teachers to skip pay hikes : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

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