Monday, March 29, 2010

Letter to the editor- unions

This letter writer will make many union members unhappy. He is calling for New York state to declare bankruptcy so the state can then renegotiate all union contracts. Something's going to have to happen as the state can no longer afford to continue as is. I don't begrudge union members as I think unions have many positive attributes. Without unions, I think workers would get treated unfairly by power hungry management. However, with the state being as troubled as it is, the benefits of it's union members will be looked at very closely by people in the private sector struggling to pay their bills and the ridiculous taxes imposed by New York state. People out there are angry and looking for change. Who the hell do you think reads the crap I write every day?

Let’s declare bankruptcy, void state’s union contracts

I have an idea on reducing the state budget. What I would do is file for bankruptcy. This way, we can break the stranglehold the state’s unions have on us. We could bring salaries and fringe benefits (health care and pensions) in line with the public sector. We all have taken a hit in these tough times. I think it’s not unreasonable to expect the same from a work force fully supported by taxpayers.

It seems they feel they are immune to tough times and all that needs to happen is to raise our taxes. I have yet to hear anyone say:We understand the issues facing New York and we would like to help. We have been extremely fortunate in having a compensation package well above the national average, and we understand that these packages are no longer sustainable. Perhaps when the state is on sound financial ground, we will be able to revisit and adjust accordingly.

This would go a long way in reducing our state’s deficit and getting labor out of dictating state policy, which only benefits the unions at the cost of the state’s taxpayers. It’s time to take the state back and make it a good place to live and raise our children.

Rick Fisher
East Aurora


  1. the city of buffalo has over one houndred and twentyfive million surplus

  2. great. then, how about lowering our taxes and eliminating the "temporary" garbage tax?

  3. Mike - what city taxes do you pay??? You live in a house owned by your mother. I doubt she charges you rent, much less do you pay any user fees. You are a funny guy!

  4. Not that it's any of your business but i recently purchased my home. therefore, i pay all taxes and fees that come with it. i also work and don't receive any government subsidies. (i did receive HEAP last winter.)I pay all my bills without having to prostitute myself to local politicians (like you obviously do). maybe one of these years, you'll stop bending over on a daily basis and accomplish something on your own nameless one.

  5. if i was you, i'd stay anonymous. if i knew who you were, i'd make you look like more of a fool than you already are. you strike me as a back up offensive lineman or a backup point guard in high school. am i close?