Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reclusive math whiz may reject $1M prize

Some crazy stories and crazy people coming out of Russia these days. Subway bombings, violence, scams, stray dogs learning how to maneuver the trains.
Grigory Perelman is a 43 year old bachelor. He is unemployed and lives with his elderly mother. He is also a reclusive genius. He recently solved a math problem that has had Mathemeticians scratching their heads for a century. The only problem is he's unsure as to whether he will accept the $1 million cash prize that comes with solving it. To me, this story is about the correlation between genius and mental illness. I guess the things that are important to the rest of us are not important to guys like Perelman. I would love to read more about how his mind works.
Reclusive math whiz may reject $1M prize detnews.com The Detroit News


  1. Everything I am reading about this man leads me to believe he may have a mild case of aspergers. Being his age and aspergers is low functioning autism, it was probably never diagnosed.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Some people with Aspergers syndrome have minds like computers. God bless him, though. Maybe he has no need for money as we know it.

  3. Yea I read how he also refused to attend a public ceremony in 2006 which is something someone with aspergers that has never been treated would probably do. They usually do have minds like computers and they have social anxieties usually due to a sensory issue. Something like sound or even the fear of getting bumped into. Not everyone who has sensory issues is autistic but most people with autism have sensory issues, which sensory issues for anybody causes social problems. Haha sorry about the rant but I have a fasination with autism.

  4. The only thing that would make him stranger is if we see him on you tube playing with a rubiks cube.

  5. It's ok anonymous. I appreciate the education. I used to do social work and worked with a guy that had Aspergers. He was just as you describe him. He was brilliant on computers, sang in the Bflo Philharmonic but was afraid to go outside sometimes. He was a genius too.

    Don Paul, I agree. But it's the only talent I have. That and classic video games...