Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buffalo Should Install Wi Fi Centers

I agree with this letter writer from today's Buffalo News. He is calling for the city to install wi fi centers around Buffalo. As he says, it's a cheap investment that would benefit many. I just reduced my Time Warner Cable to the basic $9.99/month 23 channel ghetto package. Looks like it might be time to get Net Flix or actually learn how to read:

Buffalo should install free wi-fi around city

My wife and I don’t buy cable anymore. We don’t watch much television. Besides, digitally broadcast free TV is pretty good these days. I love not paying a cable bill.
We do buy high-speed Internet access. I wish that was free. Maybe it should be. We’re told Buffalo is America’s third-poorest city. From what I’ve seen, even poor families seem to find some way to pay for cable (and often not the basic package). Relatively few purchase Internet access, though. Too bad.
Quality Internet access could especially benefit those without means. The net brings the world’s library to your desktop. Information on employment, housing, government, health, nutrition—it’s all just a few clicks away. But many of those who could most benefit from this resource have neither a computer nor access to the net. That shouldn’t be. New netbooks cost only $300. Most families could afford that.
Buffalo has accumulated a surplus approaching $90 million. Here’s my suggestion for investing a small bit of it: Install free wi-ficoverage throughout the city. Smaller cities have. We’ve talked about it. Now we should do it. No other investment so modest would more benefit the city’s residents, in my opinion.

Robert Biniszkiewicz

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