Friday, February 12, 2010

Paladino for Governor

I thought this was a good letter from today's Buffalo News. I hope Carl Paladino does decide to run for governor. New York state is at a critical point in it's history. We have to decide what direction we want to go in. Do we want to keep electing guys like Eliot Spitzer, Mario Cuomo's son, or David Paterson? Things will never change if we do this. Here's the letter from Tom Cox of West Seneca:

Don’t knock Paladino for telling it like it is
Carl Paladino is an independent, outspoken guy who says it like it is even if a few toes get stepped on. Why is it that guys like him are usually right, but also usually the ones most criticized? John the Baptist, Patrick Henry, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Martin Luther King and Jimmy Griffin all come to mind, along with Paladino. Love them or hate them, we should all be glad they are around, because without them, the rest of us would get shafted all the time, instead of just some of the time. That’s my two cents worth.
Tom Cox
West Seneca

I don't even know how this could be a subject of debate for Buffalonians. We've had one clown after another represent us for as long as I can remember. You don't have to agree with Paladino on every issue to respect the fact that he's passionate about this area and continuously spends his own money to try and better it.

Paladino's the farthest thing from a career politician and is really a reluctant potential candidate. Remember, all the insiders are going to try and characterize him as "crazy". This is simply an effort on their part to dismiss Paladino because, in their warped minds, he is crazy for standing up for the residents of New York State. They perceive him as a threat because they know he doesn't need any of them and they will attempt to try and minimize him. Don't fall for it. If you're interested in becoming one of his volunteers or joining his mailing list, please go to

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