Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Death and delayed tax scams

Here's the latest joke from Albany. Governor Paterson is trying to withhold sending back your state refund a few weeks longer (so they can collect on the interest). Don't fall for it. New York government is like a crack addict just trying to get more of your money to support it's bad spending habits.
On the radio, I heard them say this amounted to $500 million. What would happen if you got a speeding ticket and told the state "I'll pay it a few weeks later"? They'd hit you with a huge late fee. But it's ok for them to do this to us. I don't think so.

You hear citizens in this report say,"What can we do?" "They're going to get us no matter what we do." I can tell you what you can do. Stop voting for the same last names! Guys like Sam Hoyt and Bill Stachowski have been in Albany living off their fathers' last names for decades and what have they accomplished? Zero. I'm using my tax refund to get my muffler fixed. If they send the taxes back late, I'm going to mail the old muffler to Hoyt with a friendly note attached telling him how useless he is.

As an aside, I wonder how much money Esther Gulyas is worth? She's to the Western New York tax community what Cellino & Barnes is to the law community.

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