Friday, February 5, 2010

Smash and Grabbers Target Health Clubs

What kills me about this story is the local media is acting like smash and grab robberies are new to this area. There are people that do this everyday as a living to support their drug habits.

I worked on Oak St. for six years. The street behind my agency was Elm St. near the old Spaghetti Warehouse. On any given work day, you could walk by the cars on Elm St and see the broken glass all over the sidewalk. It was known that this crime took place there on a daily basis. One time before I knew this, I came out of work and saw clothes all over the street next to my van. As I got closer, I realized they were mine. Some crack fiend had stolen my bike from inside my van and broke the whole side window.

I blame the judges. How many times is someone arrested for a serious crime and you hear they've been arrested dozens of times for minor crimes? If they started increasing the sentences for repeat offenders, these types of crimes would decrease.

I'm certainly not blaming the mayor for these break-ins as they happened with regular frequency long before he was elected. However, Byron Brown loves to talk about quality of life issues when the police do their ticket blitzes. How about doing one thing and really go after these lowlifes for breaking into cars downtown? Start making an example out of them and take back downtown. I'm sorry. That might be too much to ask. Just keep showing up to ribbon cutting ceremonies and the renaming of streets and keep handing out oversized keys to the city. Why would I expect you to act like an actual leader?What was I thinking?

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