Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterback

The game itself was another pretty good one. I'm always happy to see Peyton Manning choke yet again. Drew Brees is a great player and I'm glad the Saints won. The onside kick to start the second half by the Saints was a great call, although I've never seen two coaches on the field involved in the fumble recovery while the refs were trying to make the call. So what are people talking about today? Probably not the game itself.

-There's something funny about watching 65 year old guys up on stage smashing guitars. My favorite part of the game was when I grabbed my friend's cane and started imitating Roger Daltry of The Who while they were performing in the background. I have it on videotape but the tape will be destroyed later today. I'm glad to see groups like this instead of Ashley Simpson. But isn't the length of the halftime show detrimental to the performance of the athletes?

-And those stupid gambling squares. How annoying are they? There's always a couple of people at every gathering that say:"I need this team to score a touchdown and then miss the extra point. I need the other team to get a safety and then a field goal. And if a drunk fan comes out on the field and catches a touchdown, I'll win $50 on my square. " Have you been watching the games all season? Most of those things rarely happen. Here's a better idea: shut up and watch the game and we'll take up a collection and give you $50 afterwards.

-The only thing more annoying than the squares is during the regular season when someone says:"I want the Colts to win but I want Drew Brees to have a good game because I have him on my fantasy team." This just in. Nobody cares about your fantasy team except you.

-How about the commercials? It's always funny when you start watching the commercial. You keep waiting for something funny to take place and then it ends abruptly. Not only was it not funny, but you have no idea what they were trying to sell. And they pay people tons of money to come up with these ideas that totally miss the mark?

-The commercial with David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Oprah was just plain stupid. I'd like to have that 15 seconds of my life back. (Side note: I did have a letter read on David Letterman's viewer mail in 1985 when I was in the 7th grade.)

-I don't remember the product, but I like the commercial with Stevie Wonder at the end. A good cameo appearance from someone not seen in awhile is always a good idea, if you ask me.

-The Bills should draft Florida's Tim Tebow. He's the guy who did the anti-abortion commercial with his mother. He's one of those holy rollers. Those guys always train hard and usually aren't out partying the night before big games. Also, they act like they love everyone but they really just want to fight people that aren't as crazy, I mean devoted, as them. They have all this pent up aggression inside of them, which makes them very good on Sundays.

-I liked this Google commercial. It was simple, clever, yet effective.

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