Friday, February 5, 2010

crime stats 1/25-1/31

Monday Jan 25th

410 Swan--Burglary--rear door kicked in--2-TV's stolen.
1981 Clinton--Assault--suspect listed.
312 Perry--Burglary--ACER computer stolen.
613 Fulton--Burglary---known person enetred and stole PS3 and 7 games.
695 S Division--larceny--medication stolen
191 Weaver--Larceny from a car---speakers,cd player stolen.
155 Bailey(NOCO)--gas cap stolen.
449 Perry--Assault--suspect listed.
50 Euclid--1 arrest---drugs--Santana Santiago...South Park
A District--1 arrest---warrant---Christopher Barnes...Woodside ave
217 S Division--harassment---suspect listed.
383 Mackinaw---Fraud--suspect listed.
73 Edgewood---threats--
449 Abbott--1 arrest--Possesion of forged instrument---Charles Jankowski

Tue Jan 26th

2131 Seneca--UUV & RUUV
1278 Seneca--larceny/crim mis to a car--drivers window broken--GPS,Holder,power cord stolen.
1400 Clinton--larceny--license plate stolen.
Edson/Seneca--stabbing/gang assault--victim was assaulted,stabbed 3 times in the arm....suspect tried to take money.
S Park/Dorrance--crim mis--tires slashed---possible suspect listed.
2426 S Park--crim mis--4 tires slashed--possible suspect listed.
76 Garvey---Violation of order of protection--1 arrest--David Makowski
88 Cazenovia--contempt of court order--suspect listed.
207 Downing--crim mis--car window broken
97 Shefield--Burglary--key used---TV stolen.

Wed Jan 27th

Scott/Chicago--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear pass window broken--Nano IPOD stolen.
S Park/Moore--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--GPS,X Box game stolen.
Scott/Chicago--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--black,Nano IPOD stolen.
Miami/Chicago--crim mis/larceny from a car--Tom Tom GPS,2 bank stolen.
61 Eaglewood--larceny--cash stolen from house.
55 Sirret--larceny--suspect listed.
206 Elk--larceny--copper pipes cut---suspect listed.
121 Seymour---threats--suspect listed.
32 Ryan--crim mis--tire slashed
438 S Park--phone threats.
25 Meridan--1 arrest--drugs---Carly Fazio...McLellan circle.

Thursday Jan 28th

103 Weimar--Burglary--entry thru front window---X-Box,X Box games,DVD's stolen
108 Oconnor--larceny---bike stolen
28 Lakewood--harassment
1400 Clinton--harassment--suspect listed.
125 Gilbert--Assault--1 arrest--Julia Gordon
2346 Seneca--harassment--warrant card issued.
97 Imson--crim mis--warrant card issued.
30 Spaulding--RUUV
Hopkins/S Park lake---1 arrest--drugs--Heather Battaglia..Ridge road

Fri Jan 29th

Miami/Moore--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--Purse stolen.
431 Willet--1 arrest--sexual abuse--Robert C Howard
120 Wildwood--1 arrest--warrant---Daniel Wagner...Transit rd ..Elma
S Park/Marvin--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--cash stolen.
140 Abbott rd--tresspassing---1 arrest---Sharon P Lyman...Spaulding st
123 Abbott--crim mis--suspect listed did damage property inside house
300 Dorrance--larceny---cash stolen
1189 Seneca--larceny--cash stolen while shopping at Tops.
73 Hamburg(McCarthys Pub)--Burglary--entry by unknown cut open in basement --cash stolen
1545 Willaim--crim mis--storage door damaged.
565 Abbott--larceny---1 arrest---Michelle Ide..Waltercrest Terrace..W Seneca
70 Houston--threats---warrant card issued
2133 S park--Shoplifter--beer stolen--suspect chased by employee--beer recovered.
162 Gilbert--crim mis--1 arrest--David Partridge

Sat Jan 30th

810 S Park--1 arrest--warrant--James Horton jr
7 Andrew alley--harassment--1 arrest--James R O'Brien
360 Dingens--Assault--1 arrest--David Partridge..Gilbert st
1591 S Park--drugs--1 arrest--Jay Speelberg...Alamo st
30 Duerstein--larceny--checks stolen--suspect listed.
Louisianna/Perry--theft of services--1 arrest--Julian Jones..Adams st
81 Seminole --Assault--suspect listed.
8 Cable --Robbery--victim reports he was assaulted & Robbed while in the woods off Fields st.
21 Lord--UUV
19 Oakdale--crim mis--side window broken---suspect listed.

Sun Jan 31st

158 Trowbridge--Burglary/Possesion of a weapon---3 arrests--Akeesah Drake..Oakgrove,Craig Lester..Clinton st,Billy Jackson jr...Byrd Way
48 Minton--1 arrest--prostitution-Denise Bernardi
48 Minton--2 arrest--patronizing a prostitute--Richard Brogan...Seneca st,Sonny Muscato...Mineral Springs
Clinton/Fillmore--1 arrest--prostitution--Jeannie Morrison..C Street
156 Ryan--crim mis--lock broken off mailbox
117 Hayden--tresspassing--1 arrest--Brian Boylin
A District--sexual abuse report from Pembina st
1609 S Park--crim mis--metal ball shot at victim & dogs
339 Mystic--threats---suspect listed.
159 Smith--1 arrest--Joseph Poppenburg...E Eagle
297 S Ogden--2 arrests-UUV,drugs,stolen property--Darrell Johnson..Dearborn,Charles Bryant...Skillen

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