Thursday, February 11, 2010

County Legislature

The Erie County Legislature met tonight to discuss the downsizing issue. Civic leader Kevin Gaughan spoke about his plan to reduce the group to nine members. Legislator Tim Kennedy used the forum to profess his undying love for Congressman Brian Higgins until someone explained to him that the meeting was about downsizing. Talk about a group of idiots that do absolutely nothing. Erie County used to be led by an all volunteer Board of Managers until the politicians decided they needed more jobs. Listen to this woman Catherine Rieley Goddard speak out against downsizing. I just wonder which politician she works for.

The meeting was running smoothly until Kennedy began choking on a McRib sandwich and had to be escorted to the hospital. Listen to this interview on channel IV where he attempts to sound articulate with his ridiculously bad imitation of Brian Higgins. Notice carefully how he mispronounces the S in his use of the word embrace as if he's from Allentown.

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