Wednesday, February 17, 2010

crime stats 2/8-2/14

McCamley/Taylor--Robbery Attempt---2 B/m's did point handgun at victim and asaulted him.
76 Roanoke--Burglary--unknown entry,peurse stolen.
123 Maurice--larceny--jewelry stolen.
921 Tifft--larceny--refrigerator stolen...suspect listed.
127 Imson--Fraud--2 checks cashed.
30 Kenefick---larceny--suspect listed.
A District--RUUV
2003 Seneca--RUUV
274 Abbott--threats with a knife---1 arrest---Juan R Torres
S Park/Marilla--Violating order of Protection--1 arrest---Joshua Patton...Como st
43 Southside--Assault---1 arrest---Stephen Banko
312 Perry--1 arrest--Obstructing Officers---Dhal Bawvor...Garner st
Bailey/Clinton--Driving under influence of drugs--1 arrest---Walter J Riley...Roberts st...Hamburg
10 Littel--1 arrest---warrant---Larry Rogers...Blake st
2097 Seneca--Robbery from 12-11-09---1 arrest---Amy Bangel...Emerling drive...Blasdell..
2406 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in---suspect listed.

Tue Feb 9th

2267 S Park--2 arrests--drugs---Shelby Babcock...Taylor rd...Hamburg...Robert Sattler...James ave...Blasdell.
137 Willett----larceny--suspect listed.
23 Archer--larceny--suspect listed.
52 Buffalo st--crim mis/larceny from a car--window pryed radio stolen.
224 Dingens--larceny from 3 vehicle---catalytic convertors cut off 3 vehicles.
1402 S Park--Burglary--entry thru unlocked bay door---oil burner stolen.
127 Imson--UUV & RUUV
743 Tifft--Assault--warrant card issued.
S Park/Katherine---phone threats--suspect listed.
11 Sheffield--crim mis to a car---rear tires slashed.
1832 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest---Christopher Steward...Seneca st
Red Jacket/Fulton--1 arrest--drugs---Suzette Craver...Kentucky st
31 Norman--Assault---1 arrest---Patrick Ferron
435 Perry--Crim mis--1 arrest---Ronald Hillyard.
159 Smith---Burglary--1 arrest---Ronald Hillyard.

Wed Feb 10th

36 Harvey--larceny--suspect listed.
16 Carter--Assault---suspect listed.
7 Zittel--Burglary--suspect listed.
40 Wheelock--Burglary--suspect listed.
241 Alabama--Burglary--screen cut,window broken...nothing stolen at this time.
26 Seymour--larcenypackage stolen from 11/09 to 2-10-10.
76 Lakewood---crim mis to a car---4 tires slashed.
177 Louisianna---DWI--1 arrest--William P Yuskiw...Alabama st
209 Cazenovia--harasment---suspect listed.
1725 Clinton--threats--suspect listed.
1525 South Park--1 arrest---drugs---Joseph Szafraniec...Lester st
1525 South Park--crim mis---1 arrest--Terrance Helm Jr...Camden st

Thursday Feb 11th

2146 S Park--Stabbing--victim stabbed 3 times and Robbed of cash...suspect listed.
7 Zittel--1 arrest---Falsely Reporting---Kristine Montroy
287 Choate--Burglary--suspect listed..some property returned.
42 Kamper --phone threats---suspect listed.
528 Marilla--harassment---suspect listed.
A District--Sexual abuse---Mother reports for juvenile daughter...28ys old male had sex with her daughter.
S Park/Katherine--phone threats/Viol order of protection---1 arrest---Lemario Cotto...Barbara...Cheek
155 Cazenovia---larceny--HP laptop stolen.
Hamburg PD--1 arrest---Buffalo warrant---Ian Gasiewicz...Delaware ave
21 Athol--RUUV
69 weyand---harassment
57 Polish pl---ID theft

Fri Feb 12th

356 Hopkins--larceny---items stolen from 3 vehicles---suspect listed.
39 Griswold--UUV
1329 Clinton--Burglary--suspect listed
S Park/Bloomfield--UUV & RUUV
117 Hayden--crim mis--suspect listed did break window.
Edson/Seneca--1 arrest--Forgery/Possing forged inspection sticker---Mark Ramirez...Amber st
Abbott/Good--stalking---suspect listed.
268 Holly--Burglary--entry thru kitchen window--nothing missing at this time
31 Gorski--threats--300 Louisianna--larceny---K-9 sign stolen from the side of City on Buffalo building.

Sat Feb 13th

Hamburg Pd--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant---Brian Emerson...Broadway...Gowanda
417 Perry---Assault/Contempt of Court order---1 arrest---Leon Hughes...Fenton st
499 S Ogden--crim mis---tire slashed--suspect listed.
Lackawanna PD--1 arrest on Buffalo warrant---Mark Nolan...Long ave
Foot of Smith---1 arrest--drugs---Kevin D Geercken.....Sudbury rd...Lackawanna
A District---victim states she was sexually assaulted while walking home from a bar.
418 Perry--threats--suspect listed.
64 Cantwell---larceny---suspect listed.
56 Remoleno--crim mis--vehicle kicked and damaged.
1031 Abbott---Burglary--window broken---cash register damaged ,cash stolen.
1695 S Park---1 arrest--disorderly conduct---Sean Lermineau.....Peasleeville rd....Schuler Falls NY
32 Leamington...crim mis---1 arrest---Christopher Nola..Potomac
19 Oakdale---crim mis from 1-30-10---1 arrest---Gerald Kwasniewski....S Park

Sun Feb 14th

Lackawanna PD--1 arrest---Buffalo warrant--Sara A Guthrie...Fuller st
133 Trowbridge---phone threats---suspect listed.
Parkview/Indian Church---issued.
22 Owahn--harassment--suspect listed.
2449 Seneca--crim mis---3 arrests---Robin Fuller...Hillary st,Greg T Gioia...N Ryan,Michael A Lawrence...Eden st
39 Griswold---RUUV

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