Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lackawanna/Lake Shore Game ends in Forfeit

I saw this in today's Buffalo News and it irritated me. Lake Shore girl's basketball coach Andrea Mungovan pulled her team off the court with 2:03 seconds left in a game against Lackawanna. Lackawanna was awarded a 2-0 forfeit win (which was probably the score of the game anyway at the time). The coach was upset about some foul not being called. I've seen this happen a million times. A coach is upset because their team is losing and they use the officials as a scapegoat. They always use the same tired phrase, 'I was afraid someone was going to get hurt out there."BS. The only thing that was going to get hurt was your pride.You took a high school game and tried to make it about you. If the Lake Shore HS Athletic Director is worth a nickel, he/she will relieve this coach of her duties. You don't pull your players off of the court. Garbage.

H.S. Extra: Lackawanna girls win by forfeit

Lackawanna was awarded a forfeit by game officials over Lake Shore, 2-0, in a nonleague girls basketball game after Eagles coach Andrea Mungovan pulled her team off the court with 2:03 left in the game.
"They pulled the girls off the court and said one of our girls did something to try and hurt one of their girls," said Lackawanna coach Dave Oliveri. "But no foul was called and there was a referee behind the play and one under the basket, and neither one saw it. They said they wouldn't come back on the court if I let that girl come out."
Mungovan declined to comment.
Kayla Golden and Sharmayne Walton had 10 points each for Lackawanna before the game was halted.


  1. The score at the time of the forfeit was Lackawanna 36, Lake Shore 29. Yes, I do think that it was wrong to pull her team off the court especially with only two minutes left. BS!

  2. Thanks for the info. What bothers me is that she taught her players to be sore losers. They always play the fake safety card. If Lake Shore was winning, she never would have pulled that garbage.