Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abuse of Power #214: NY State Thruway Authority

In reading the paper today, I have to wonder in all seriousness if criminals have actually taken over New York state. Disgruntled New York state Thruway Authority/political hack Brian Rusk is now ready to spill the beans on corruption going on at the authority. He claims that William Eagan, a former town of Boston supervisor, is being paid twice the amount he should be. Eagan makes $92,000/year for a job that is described as a "right of way specialist". What does this job title even mean? He specializes in giving people the right of way?

The inspector general recently accused Rusk of making 1079 phone calls for his private PR business while on state time. If he had enough time to do that, what was he actually doing for the state? Most of us in the real world would never have the time to make that many phone calls during work time. I barely have enough time to eat a slice of pizza during my 45 minute lunch break. Rusk was making a paltry $86,000/year from the state to do nothing.

In related news today, governor Paterson proposed the closing of 41 state parks due to the state's budget problems. How can we afford to have parks when guys like Brian Rusk and William Eagan need no-show jobs? I blame you. Voters continue to inexplicably support the machine-backed incumbents while things like this go on on a daily basis.

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