Saturday, February 13, 2010

Abuse of Power #213: West Seneca police chief has gas

The crime of using town cars at the expense of the taxpayer is becoming so common, I'm actually surprised now when it doesn't happen. West Seneca Police Chief Edward Gehen makes $115,000/year in that job. Because he must want to move to Orchard Park someday, Gehen also works part time at ECC as a security officer. He uses the town issued car (and gas) to get from West Seneca to ECC(In true investigative fashion, Bflo News journalist Mary Pasciak doesn't specify which campus Gehen drives to??? Apparently, she is unaware of the fact there are three campuses spread out throughout WNY.)

Gehen justifies the use of the car by saying he is often called from his security job at ECC to handle town crime. So, not only is this guy getting free gas from West Seneca taxpayers, he's also getting paid to do two jobs at once. I'm sure this makes the people at ECC feel real safe. But what would they care? Jack Quinn, the President of the school, is a complete tool anyway. He's so dense, he doesn't know his ass from page 10. Hey greedy police chief: Drive your own car to work and fill up at NOCO like the rest of us.

Councilman questions chief’s use of town’s car : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Well Gehen is a tool himself who does not want to be questioned. So be careful. I heard a couple of years back he was questioned on NOT making a drunk driver arrest on Leydecker. He was so upset, he retaliated. No details here, don't want further retaliation. Who can you trust.
    How about the W.S. police responding to a call yesterday about a man with a rifle and pulling the man over which inspired a shoot out on East and West. Was this the most brilliant maneuver Gehen could think of. The shootout was on a residential street where people walk jog, and participate in sports.

  2. I thought Buffalo was bad but corruption in West Seneca appears to be even worse. I don't know this guy and from all indications, I don't want to.

  3. Yeah they don't like to be questioned at all..... oh the things i've seen

  4. Here's the West Seneca Police at work. "Well-trained" officers paralyzing an unarmed man lying on the ground. They had the means and ability to prevent Mr. Edwards from walking into a situation they knew was dangerous, yet they did nothing to stop it. Gehen awarded these officers with the Medals of Valor. It makes me want to vomit...