Tuesday, February 23, 2010

But he does have time to meet with T.O. ...

Representratives from the state wanted to meet with Byron Brown to hopefully give the city $11 million dollars for a project on the West side. Brown turned them down due to a "scheduling conflict." This week's letter of disgust is brought to you by Siegel, Kelleher & Kahn: Dedicated... Committed... Knowledgeable...Your trusted attorneys for over 30 years

Mayor must do a better job in order for city to succeed

Donn Esmonde’s commentary titled, “
Our mayor—missing when it matters” should prompt not only citizens of Buffalo but all of Western New York who want the city and region to succeed to take pause and ask the question: Where is Mayor Byron Brown?

State officials were prepared to hand over up to $11 million to help resurrect a sizable swath of the West Side, and Brown had a “scheduling conflict”? Seriously? What was Brown doing that was more important than meeting with state officials? Was he attending a meeting whereby a business wanted to invest $12 million in the city? I do not recall seeing any such news story.

Brown didn’t like being called on the carpet by HUD, so he was a no-show when HUD officials came to town. Really? What is this, kindergarten? In most situations these days, if you don’t do your job you’re fired. Hiding doesn’t work.

And yet, when Buffalo experienced a spate of deadly violence, city crews were sent to “spruce up” an area where fatalities occurred. What is wrong with this picture? I almost left the area on two occasions. I stayed. I love the area. Myfamily is here. I believed that the region was ready to turn the corner for the better. Buffalo is the center of the region. If Buffalo doesn’t succeed, the rest of Western New York doesn’t either.

Brown needs to set a positive example. Vague excuses of scheduling conflicts are unacceptable. He was elected to do a job. I wish he would start to do it.

Kristopher Pendrak
North Tonawanda

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