Thursday, February 25, 2010

Western NY should market itself as hockey central

Maybe the readers of The Buffalo News are fiscally conservative but the majority of them are against building new ice rinks in West Seneca. I agree. If there was a demand for a new rink and it could make money (as they claim), then it could be done privately, for a profit.

Having said that, I think Western New York would be smart to start marketing itself as the ice hockey capital of the world. I think we have two distinct advantages over most other places. First, you have the weather. Instead of whining about the snow we get, we should embrace it as hockey weather. We could even have major street hockey tournaments in the spring and summer. Second, we already have the enthusiasm for the sport. People in this area love hockey like no other area in the country, with the possible exception of Detroit. Girls are starting to play hockey also. Buffalo could become a factory for producing great women's collegiate players.

Other parts of the country produce great warm weather athletes because they can play their sports outside year round. One reason Buffalo has produced so many great hockey players recently is because the weather forces them to choose indoor sports during the winter. In my opinion, Western New York would be wise to tap into our region's love for the game. There are so many different ways we could do it. I don't think initially it would take tons of money, just some good ideas from the public.

West Seneca Town Board urged to build twin rinks : Eastern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

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