Monday, February 15, 2010

Brown vows crackdown on injury abuses: This message is brought to you by Cellino & Barnes

I hope your sitting down. For the first time in four years,Deputy Mayor Byron Brown came out today and offered an opinion on an issue. Brown says 2010 is going to be the year the city of Buffalo cracks down on Buffalo police officers and firemen pretending to be hurt. He claims to be serious this time. Police and fire leaders say Brown is merely grandstanding again. Efforts to reach Mayor Steve Casey for his comments on this issue were unsuccessful.
Brown vows crackdown on injury abuses : Home: The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment

Here are some of the more interesting comments from Buffalo News readers on this story. Most were anti-Urkel but some agreed with him:

-Here's a suggestion: Have the News publish the names and addresses of those receiving these benefits. Then let their neighbors share their observations on those who are cheating. Publish a phone number where these reports can be made with guaranteed anonymity and get ready for (pardon the pun) a "firestorm" of reports in which to "police" the abuses that will be revealed. Nah, it's probably too simple.

-For a bigger savings, Mayor Urkel should look into the citys uncivil servants who dont really work while on duty. A citizen with a video camera could catch many every day.

-Police and Fire unions are jokes. They only look for ways to take advantage of the system and by doing so leave the taxpayer with the bill. I don't agree with Brown 99% of the time, but this is the 1%.

-My neighbor is a Cheektowaga police officer who is out on disability right now, and he rides his four wheeler all the time across the street in the woods. I told him that my father was hurt on the job and was scared to go outside and rake leaves because he though he would get caught by the insurance company. My neighbor told me if they ever caught him doing anything he wasnt supposed to the union would never let that evidence come to light.

-You think fake comp claims are bad with the Buffalo police and Firemen? You should see how many questionable comp claims are in the Buffalo Board of Education!

-My neighbor is a retired cop on disability, he claims he damaged his sciatic nerve from his belt (wuss). The phony now has a second career as s security officer and runs marathons. I applaud Mayor Brown for showing some stones and taking on the corrupt unions and the biggest crooks in the world...COPS!

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