Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 7

Usually, the Metro Community News comments are pretty boring but this week the two comments were very interesting. Marge decided not to promote herself this week. Don't worry. Next week, we'll find out she discovered a cure for cancer.

-Pat wrote a very well thought out article comparing the closings of the catholic churches in South Buffalo and Kaisertown/Lovejoy. I have to disagree with her about St. John's on Seneca St. I could be wrong but it seems like that parish kind of fell apart years ago. I know their school had to close long before any of the others in South Buffalo. I do agree with her that one school should have been left open in Kaisertown/Lovejoy. There's a catholic church on every block on Clinton St. You'd think all of them together would be able to sustain one private school. Like everything else, I'll bet the final call from the church came down to money and clout. The East Side does not make good business sense for the compassionate catholic hiarchy.

-Vicki had a hilarious post. She said she's in her 80s and wonders why doctors always tell her to exercise. She says she just wants to get up, do some housework, and go out once in awhile. She's 100% right. I'll bet half of these doctors telling her what to do won't live past 80. She doesn't need their advice.

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