Tuesday, February 9, 2010

crime stats 2/1-2/7

Best name of the week has to be Fritz Wedgeworth, arrested for assault on 2/2. If you were trying to come up with a name for a snobby rich guy on a TV show, could you think of a better sounding name? Doubt it. Not your typical tough guy sounding name.

Monday Feb 1st

16 Hines--Burglary--several men moving item from house.
60 Baitz--Burglary--B/M,30's,6'0",Buffalo Bills jacket...attempting to gain entry to garage.
1907 James E Casey--larceny--uniforms taken by temp employee.
40 Wheelock--larceny--suspect listed.
430 S Park--larceny--cell phone stolen.
48 Keppel--1 arrest--DWI--Donald Vaneck...Melvin pl
4 Weiss--threats--suspect listed
19 Richfield---ID theft

Tuesday Feb 2nd

125 Arbour lane #1--Burglary--cash,misc items stolen.
18 Pembina--UUV
167 Parkview--larceny--DVD player stolen from van.
1285 William--crim mis--lock cut off gate.
107 Kelburn--Assault--1 arrest--Fritz Wedgeworth...Kelburn
7 S Ryan--threats---suspect listed.
97 O'Kell--Assault--1 arrest---Stewart Osario
573 Hopkins--threats--warrant card issued.

Wed Feb 3rd

85 Hayden--Burglary--jewelry stolen--possible suspect listed.
426 Abbott(Roots Collision)--Burglary--cash stolen from office--Suspect Identified.
1460 S Park--RUUV
Miami/Ohio--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Dell laptop stolen.
Ohio/Moore--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Dell laptop,GPS,IPOD stolen.
Miami/Ohio--Crim mis/larceny from a car--Pass window broken--HP laptop,case stolen.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--GPS,IPOD stolen.
S Park/Michigan--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--IPOD stolen.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken---Garmin GPS stolen.
Moore/Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--Sirus sattelite radio stolen.
Miami/Ohio--crim mis--car window broken
Miami/Ohio--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--brief case stolen & recovered outside car.
Ohio/Miami--crim mis--car window broken
150 Southside--threats--suspect listed.
South Park/Good--1 arrest--marijuana--Clarence Thomas...William st
453 Perry--harassment--1 arrest---Eliud Burgos...Perry st
2022 Seneca--threats--suspect listed.
848 Seneca--1 arrest--V&T,Drugs--Raheem Young...Fisher st

Thur Feb 4th

57 Lilac---larceny--mini bike stolen---1 arrest---Carlos Dejesus Jr...Hopkins st
5 Pomeroy--UUV
2054 Seneca--crim mis/larceny from a car---lock broken,stereo,navigation system stolen.
224 Columbus--larceny--M&T bank card stolen from pocket & used without permission.
2051 Seneca--larceny--suspect listed.
52 Indian Church--larceny--laptop stolen--suspect listed.
114 Cable--Assault--1 arrest--Maurice Evans
100 Weyand--threats--2 arrests---Joseph Lubera...Wayne st...Depew,Andrew Ostrander...Weyand
50 Weiss--ID theft--gas turned on in victims name.
367 Weimar--threats---suspect listed.
765 Tifft--Assault--suspect listed.
78 Ridgewood--threats--suspect listed.
409 Cumberland--harassment--suspect listed.

Fri Feb 5th

36 Harvey--Assault--warrant card issued.
21 Milford--crim mis/larceny from a car--radio damaged,binoculars stolen.
249 Columbus--larceny from a car--tools,CD's.prescription drugs stolen.
251 Columbus--larceny from a car--Sirus radio ,CD's stolen.
18 Sage--larceny--IPOD,Blue tooth,cash stolen.
1460 S Park(Tops)--shoplifter--1 arrest---Arthur Knox...Kensington ave
35 Hayden(rear)--larceny--possible suspect listed.
Seneca st near Edson----Robbery/Assault--victim assaulted by 3 unknown persons--cell phone,cash stolen.
129 Bloomfield--Garage Burglary--window forced--power supply,radio stolen.
20 Lakewood--Assault--1 arrest of a minor.
108 Geary--threats--suspect listed.
1586 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in--partial description of suspect listed.
80 Edson--Assault--1 arrest--Angeline Mobus
McKinley/Woodside--crim mis--school bus damaged.
350 S Park--RUUV
431 Willet--1 arrest--Endangering the welfare of a minor--Robert Howard

Sat Feb 6th

877 S Park--UUV--1 arrest--Joseph Robinson
52 Indian Church--1 arrest for larceny from 2-4-10---Hollie Belz...Seneca st
336 Mystic--tresspassing--suspect listed.
384 Willett--Assault---1 arrest--Joseph Kramer
756 Tifft--1 arrest for assault---Jeffery Sullivan
43 Southside apt #5--Assault--suspect listed.
260 O'Kell--harassment---suspect listed.
60 Baitz--harasment--unknown W/F,60's.
80 Cable--crim mis--tenant moving did a large amount of damage to apartment.
40 Salem--crim mis--tv damaged--suspect listed.
2426 S Park--1 arrest--disorderly conduct---Daniel Driscoll...Marilla st
135 Weimar--threats--suspect listed.
136 Parkview--Phone threats--warrant card issued.
54 Columbus--harassment--suspect listed
1847 S Park--1 arrest--Bsheere Saleh...Southwestern blvd

Sun Feb 7th

2406 S Park--crim mis--window kicked in---suspect listed.
S Park/Reading---unk Arabian male,white work truck with ladders on top did touch victim against her will.
1799 Clinton--larceny--while playing basketball at center---gym bag was stolen.
30 Kenefick--larceny--suspect listed.
274 Abbott--threats with a knife---1 arrest--Juan Torres
921 Tifft--larceny--suspect listed.
2003 Seneca--RUUV
20 Athol--UUV
76 Alsace--Burglary--door kicked in,victim assaulted by known suspect.
160 Altruria--1 arrest---drugs and underaged party--Jamie Burgess
1895 Clinton--Asault--suspect listed.
1834 S Park--Assault--
2426 S Park--Assault--2 arrests--Jessica Loster...Broadway ..Cheektowaga,Candy Carney...Walter st
305 Perry--Assault---suspect listed.


  1. Juan Torres got arrested? The other soccer volunteer for years that never amounted to anything. Crazy how these soccer volunteers turn out to be such devils in the public. Oh and I cant believe you have not been put into a coma yet, after some of the stuff you said about prominent families in South Buffalo. You are making the Blake name worse and worse every day, and that use to be a PROMINENT name.

  2. It's always funny when someone sends a tough sounding comment anonymously. If you're so tough, why are you afraid to sign your name?That doesn't come across as tough to me. Also, the only people that don't like what I write are political hacks, and fortunately there aren't that many of you around.

  3. "anonymous" uses the vernacular of an Abbott Rd inhabitant. My guess is St. Tommy's parish. I can't believe anyone would be so sheltered as to believe that there is only one Juan Torres in the neighborhood (it's the spanish equvilant to John Smith) Since when does volunteering have to amount to anything...it's not about looking good, it's about doing good. You & Juan should be commended for the years of volunteering to make S.Buffalo a better place. As far as the Blake name...who cares what "anonymous" thinks? I am a Blake & honest & hardworking. We never considered ourselves "prominent". That is ridiculous! Sorry if the truth hit a nerve with Mr. anonymous. Teresa

  4. I don't know. These phonies come from all ends of the earth. They come from Abbott Rd, Seneca St., and S. Park Ave.(and there are nice people from all of these neighborhoods as well). Several people from Abbott Rd have aproached me and thanked me for exposing some of their more phony neighbors.