Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paladino for Governor?

Carl Paladino is seriously considering a run for governor. I don't know Paladino and have never met him. However, he seems to be the only person willing to stick his neck out and make waves.

Mainstream politicians are going to tell you he's crazy. They said the same thing about Jimmy Griffin. Don't listen to them. In their minds, crazy means anyone that speaks out against the current system. A system that has been very good to them, but not the average citizen. Paladino vows to shake up Albany. My sources tell me that the Cheektowaga Deer Lady, the Earl of Bud, Conehead, and former Bison's batboy "the Butcher" are all on Paladino's short list for Liutenant Governor.

Shortly after doing this story, Channel 4's Mylous Hairston was arrested for promoting prostitution. B District police officers saw him standing downtown with his Indiana Jones hat and mistakenly took him for a pimp.

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