Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend at Bernies


This might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever read in my life. Retired NBA Director of Security, Bernard Tolbert claims his opinion of former Common Councilmember Brian Davis changed after seeing him in a restaurant...

Bernard Tolbert, the former special agent in charge of the FBI office in Buffalo, said he recently witnessed evidence of Davis’ positive impact on the community. 

“I was in a restaurant on Buffalo’s East Side where a group of women from a local senior citizens center happened to be having lunch,” Tolbert said. “Brian introduced me to these ladies and as a group, and to a person, the seniors spoke quite highly of the support that Brian provided to them and their center, both while he was a Council member and since.”

I'll tell you, when Davis admitted to stealing $38,000 of taxpayer dollars (that we know of), I thought he wasn't the greatest guy. But, if these four old ladies, from a Senior Center that relies on funding in exchange for votes, say he's a good man, it must all be a mistake. Come on, Bernie! Why not just admit that you're writing a letter for Davis because it benefits you politically? Are we supposed to believe members of the FBI are this gullible? You know, I saw a homicidal maniac the other night over at the Wayside. I was really petrified, until a couple of old ladies walked by, pinched his cheeks, and said he was a harmless psychopath. 
Heavy punishment sought for Davis

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  1. When crooks steal other people's money they often will spend some on church or older people , then they think they are a hero and taking care of the neighborhood. That's the funny thing, if he wasn't such a scubag and used that money that was for the people for the people, those senior citizens would have benefited with the neighborhood. He was just a STREET RAT lining his pockets and screwing everyone.