Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Silver's bill an insult to all NY state students

Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver proposed a bill on Friday that would give financial aid to illegal immigrants at New York state universities. This, after SUNY recently raised tuition costs for current students and eliminated TAP funding for graduate students. The people are not this dumb and it's about time Sheldon Silver found a new occupation...

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants would become eligible to receive government financial aid to attend college in New York under a bill that state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver introduced Friday.

Mickey Kearns and Tim Kennedy: the residents of your district, through this blog, will be closely monitoring how you vote on this bill. Supporting this bill will not be met kindly. You can decide now, whether you represent the people of your district or the deep pocketed Manhattan elitists. The choice is yours. 
NY Would Give College Aid to Illegal Immigrants | NBC New York*

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