Saturday, August 11, 2012

Improve Buffalo's bike trails

WIVB's Ed Dranch did a very good story on a crater discovered on one of Buffalo's bike paths. This hole was so big, it was actually visible from Google Earth. In fact, they should check carefully to see if any bicyclists are trapped down there.

Of course, their calls to city officials were not returned, but hours later, a city crew was on hand filling it in. I was actually riding my bike on the Tifft Street Bridge the other afternoon and thought then about writing about the state of these bike paths.  On the bridge, for example, there is litter everywhere along with glass. It's sad that residents are such scums that they can't throw their trash in the garbage. They'll fine us for everything else. I would like to see more enforcement of littering laws. In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to an increase in fines. The first thing Western New Yorkers notice when they go up to Canada is the lack of litter along the roads. This is because Canada makes it a priority to punish those who like to throw their McDonald's happy meals out the car window.

Regarding the glass and small rocks that currently make up most of Buffalo's bike paths: Why not utilize the prison workforce program? Use non-violent  prisoners, who would love to be outside of prison grounds on nice days, and have them maintain the paths. The paths themselves are very nice, but not maintained at all. With all the good things going on at the Waterfront, why not make them a priority? The cost would be minimal, and you would be surprised at how many more cyclists would use them.  Now, hopefully the city officials reading this will do something positive.

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