Friday, August 17, 2012

NY open for business?


If the New York State Thruway Authority wants to save money, it needs to look first at how much it pays it's employees...

The watchdog agency Authorities Budget Office reported in July that 130 of the Thruway Authority's 3,293 employees were paid more than $100,000, with an average of more than $53,000.

And these greedy scammers want more of our money. Don't be fooled by what they call a "modest" increase. They are purposely floating a high number out to the public (a 45% increase). This way, after everyone cries foul, they will lower it and act like they are doing us a favor. The fact is New Yorkers cannot afford any increase in tolls. Not when we know these lowlifes are ripping us off blind. 

An increase in toll fees to truck drivers will be passed on to New York State consumers. This doesn't include all the lost business, when companies decide to bypass the state. I hope Authority representatives get an earful tonight at the public hearing. Don't they get it? New Yorkers are fed up with politicians and their ridiculously high taxes. This is not how business friendly states operate.

DiNapoli questions thruway toll hike |

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