Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dumb and dumber: Tim Hortons vs The Professor

In a race being closely observed by MENSA, two mental midgets are challenging each other for New York State Senator. "The Professor", Betty Jean Grant will be going up against Tim "Hortons" Kennedy. These two candidates might possibly have the lowest combined IQ of any two WNY politicians, and that's no small feat.

Grant fired the first shot on Wednesday, reminding Democratic voters how Kennedy, while on the Erie County Legislature, jumped ship (after Brian Higgins told him to) and aligned himself with the voting block of the Republicans and Chris Collins...

Grant accused Kennedy of colluding with former Republican County Executive Chris Collins to weaken the Democratic majority in the County Legislature while Kennedy served on that legislative body less than two years ago.

“Mr. Kennedy is a Chris Collins Democrat. ... He helped give part of the Democratic majority [in the County Legislature] over to a Republican county administration that had no need for the services that I just named,” she said.

If the local unions hope to gain any sort of respect and credibility, they will come out against Kennedy. A few months ago, a bus load of union workers went to Albany to meet with little Timmy before an important vote. Kennedy, left his office and had an intern greet them, before abstaining on the vote. At the time, labor was furious, vowing to remember this act of cowardice and betrayal come election time. Couple this along with Kennedy's support of Collins, the most anti-union lawmaker in recent history, and this should spell a loss of union support for Brian Higgins' little pool boy.

I view this election as a litmus test for South Buffalo's union members. They were vowing revenge on Kennedy last year, when he avoided them in Albany and refused to even meet with them. If Kennedy gets 80 or 90% of the South Buffalo vote, the unions are basically letting him get away with it. Kennedy has proven twice in recent years that he cannot be trusted and is no friend of labor. Here is the union's chance to flex their muscles and show future politicians they mean what they say. Anyone can go out to the bars and talk tough, fellas. Here's your opportunity. Get on the phones and send this known hack crying into Brian Higgins' arms.
Incumbents and challengers face off

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