Friday, August 31, 2012

Send Gaughan to Albany

I really hope voters are smart enough to elect Kevin Gaughan to the New York State Assembly. Other candidates like to refer to themselves as reformers (see Dim Kennedy and Mickey Kearns), but Gaughan has a proven track record of trying to make changes in the community. And how could you not support this?...

If elected, Gaughan plans to tackle issues such as:
* Reducing the State Senate from 63 seats to 50 and the Assembly from 150 to 125 seats, which he says would save taxpayers $88 million per year. He also plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit part-time politicians from receiving lifetime pensions, and would reduce his own salary by $20,000.

A candidate with a plan to save taxpayers money. Kennedy says he has created jobs, although none of us have seen them. Kearns sent out a taxpayer funded fluff piece two months after he ran as a "reformer." I believe Gaughan is serious about reducing the size of government and getting rid of these ridiculous pensions. After all, these were meant to be short term positions, not careers.  

Gaughan has paid his dues. I believe if anyone is serious about shaking up Albany, it is him. Hopefully, the voters in this district will agree with me in a few weeks.
Primary equivalent to election as 3 vie for Assembly

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