Saturday, August 18, 2012

Political opportunists

I have to laugh when political opportunists get offended by something I write. I'm sorry if the truth hits too close to home. If you put signs on your lawn for whomever you are told to support, please tell me how independent you are. (Right after you tell me about Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.) If people such as this are worried about their reputations, they should stop prostituting themselves to their local representatives.

Man, I've never been happier. Several hundred people a day choose to read my thoughts and many of them are clicking on my ads. Half the time, I don't even feel like writing, but I know people out there are depending on me. I have a non-government job and don't owe anyone anything. I deal with thousands of non-political soccer parents who thank me for exposing the opportunists constantly.

People I've written about are so arrogant, they confront my relatives. They don't even have enough confidence in themselves to question me directly. And that's fine, because talking to these opportunists is a waste of my time. If one of my relatives has a job with the city or county, what the hell does that have to do with me?  Quite frankly, I could give a rat's ass. That has nothing to do with me.  The only people I refrain from covering are my employers, friends, and relatives. And if you're reading this, chances are I don't: A.) work for you B.) answer to you C.)  give a damn about you.

If you're going to be upset with someone, be upset with yourself and your frigging parents for creating you. Go out and make something of yourself, instead of living vicariously through your local scam artists. I don't care where you work, or how much money you make. If you had to made the "South Buffalo Phone Call" for an extra 10K a year, you should be ashamed of yourself.  There's a whole group of people out there who care about this community and are disgusted with the same political names ruining it. Worse than the neighborhood politicians are the people who kiss up to them and keep them in office for decades at a time. Who's bitter? I have no problem being an outsider. In fact, I enjoy it. Here's to Ben!...

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