Sunday, August 26, 2012

Williamsville South fires successful coach


I have to assume there is more to the firing of 24 year Williamsville South basketball coach Al Monaco than just complaints from a few parents over playing time...

One parent who spoke on condition of anonymity said Monaco gave extra playing time to certain players he knew well.

"He expressly did favor many friends and family. I definitely saw him favoring three students, people he knew," the parent said. "It has caused a lot of adverse reaction."

What a loser this parent must be. Maybe the reason your son gets limited playing time is because he flat out sucks! Or is simply mediocre at best. We all know how every successful high school coach loves leaving their best athletes on the bench. It's high school sports, not 10 and under T-ball. Tell your little over coddled brat to work harder during the off season.

I have to believe there is more to the story than just this. Unless more information comes out, we will be led to believe the superintendent caved in to a small group of wealthy, influential, over involved  parents. Maybe the next coach will make sure everyone plays equally and will pass out treats to the little snowflakes after each game.
Williamsville South's hoops coach removed

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