Friday, August 10, 2012



Duncan Badding of Amherst, walked around on stilts, hopped on a pogo stick, and liked to shoot blow darts at trees. Other than that, he's just a regular guy...

Neighbors in Amherst said they referred to him as the Unabomber.

"He was off the wall. He came over on a pogo stick and said, 'My name is Duncan, welcome to the neighborhood.' He was bouncing up and down on this pogo stick that looked like it was from outer space. He wouldn't leave. He just kept jumping up and down on the stick.

Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like M-80s in the middle of the night. I'm calling for the Amherst authorities to release Duncan on his own  recognizance. By the way, what the hell does recognizance mean?

Hey, Carl Spackler liked playing with weapons and explosives, too and he was normal...

Badding's demeanor was 'odd'

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