Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did you pay your garbage tax bill?

Just got my garbage tax bill in the mail, or as the politicians like to call it, a "user fee". Nice euphemism, but it still cost me $171. Thank you Bonnie Kane Lockwood for selling out South Buffalo residents and voting for this heinous tax. I guess when you take $80,000/yr to carry around  Brian Higgins' clipboard, $171 isn't that big of a deal. To the rest of us who do work for a living, it is.

By the way, wasn't this supposed to be a temporary fee? People laughed out loud when the Common Council said so back then. Their laughter has proved justifiable 15 years later, as the tax is still alive and well. I'm calling on Mickey Kearns to do a study and find out if this tax is still necessary.

1 comment:

  1. I wrote on my bill " Paid in Protest" If it ever gets repealed I might be quite rich from the rebate.!!!!! Ya think??