Monday, August 27, 2012

Not a joke: Kennedy is running for reelection based on his "proven" record of creating jobs

I can't believe the following quote was not put in the comics section of the Buffalo News. Tim Kennedy says he is running for reelection based on his ability to create jobs????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...

In the past 19 months as a state senator, Kennedy says, he has fought dysfunction, created jobs and brought attention and money back to Western New York.

"I'm running on a record of proven results - of creating jobs and standing up for Western New York," he said.

Tim Kennedy wouldn't know the first thing about creating jobs. Politicians don't create jobs. Businessmen do. Has he seen the unemployment numbers for WNY? Where are these supposed jobs he's created? 

Seriously, if you're a friend of mine or a union member and you vote for this imbecile, I don't even want to know about it, because I like to think my friends have at least a minimal amount of intelligence. As I've said before, his parents should call St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute and demand a full refund. Kissing Brian Higgins' ass for twenty years does not constitute leadership or intelligence.
Tensions rise in contest between Grant, Kennedy


  1. Why do you have a photo of John Candy for this post? They both should be sent to the front lines of the Russian front. Take this great Canadian off.

  2. Psss..Big Mike... Kennedy looks like the character from Stripes. They both "swallow a lot of aggression".Thus the picture.