Wednesday, August 8, 2012

State lawmakers do not deserve a raise


Residents of New York state really should be asking their State Senators and State Assemblymen questions regarding the sneaky pay raise they are trying to vote themselves. They currently make $79,000/year for their PART TIME jobs. In addition to this, they all serve on fake committees, where they steal $5-$15K more a year from us.

These scum want to add $20,000 more/year to their already ridiculously high salaries. And, as I predicted in 2010, Governor Cuomo is all too ready to give it to them. In exchange for this unnecessary raise, Cuomo will then be able to give his Commissioners huge raises. All while countless businesses and young families leave the state due to high taxes. What a terrible example these so called "leaders" are setting.

I really don't expect a NO vote from Dim Kennedy. Everyone knows he's bought and paid for by Andrew Cuomo. He will have no problem voting himself this raise, and he'll come up with some BS standard line that others tell him to use. Anyone with half a brain knows he does whatever the career politicians tell him to do. Wouldn't you if you had an IQ of about 44?

When Mickey Kearns ran this past Spring, all we heard about was reforming Albany. One of his key criticisms of Chris "11,000 doors" Fahey was Fahey's willingness to accept large raises from his boss (Brian Higgins). But, when questioned on his stance on the rumored raises, Mickey has been absolutely silent. If Mickey votes YES to these raises, he would have no credibility whatsoever.

In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, over 80% of New Yorkers oppose these proposed raises. Anyone voting YES to these raises should be immediately voted out of office. To accept a raise in this piss-poor economy with their less than stellar performance, would be unconscionable. If you are on Facebook, please "like" my page  (We oppose NY state lawmakers voting themselves a raise in 2012 ) and help spread the word. We will not let them get away with this nonsense. By the way, I've invited Kearns to join this page and he has not. Kevin Gaughan and Stefan Mychajliw have, and for that I hope they win their upcoming elections.

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