Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guard your wallets. Cuomo set to increase tolls

I tried to warn you about this swindler, but you voted for him anyway. There is nothing the Cuomos like more than spending your hard earned money. Andrew Cuomo is supporting huge pay raises for State Senators, Assemblymen, and his commissioners. Yet, when it comes to our thruways, he says an increase in tolls is necessary...

In a public radio interview Friday on The Capital Pressroom, Cuomo said he understands people are opposed to the toll hike, but said an increase may be needed to keep the Thruway "solvent."

Families and businesses are leaving New York state in droves because of things like this. The cost of doing business or raising a family here is not worth it. All these fees, taxes, hikes, whatever you want to call them, hurt the working poor the most. The people have said enough to taxes. New York needs to abolish the Thruway Authority and all it's high salaried political appointees and start living within it's means. Remember, with a Cuomo in office, it is very important that you keep both hands on your wallet. There are two things they love: Spending your money and keeping the poor dependent on government.
Thruway toll hike 'needed,' Cuomo says

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