Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Town Hall Meetings

The Buffalo News did a story yesterday on our local Congressmen. Specifically, which ones are ducking their constituents (see Mary Antoinette)...

Congress went home again last week, but that didn’t mean people in Buffalo got the chance to see their federal lawmakers in traditional, “ask anything” town hall meetings.

The two House members who represent the city, Reps. Brian Higgins and Louise M. Slaughter, continue to steer clear of such sessions — while the region’s two newest members of Congress seem to revel in the town hall format.

Brian Higgins has no problem meeting with his constituents -as long as he can control who he meets with and what topics they will be discussing. He doesn't want to be bothered with citizens that actually might question his stances on issues. If Higgins had a town hall meeting in Buffalo, I'd like to ask him about the $10,000 in taxpayer money he pays political opportunist Rick Finnegan yearly. Finnegan prostitutes himself to Higgins and pro-Higgins candidates by acquiring signatures on their petitions and putting up their lawn signs. If Higgins wants to pay Finnegan $10,000 out of his own campaign fund, I would have no problem with it. However, the idea of taxpayer money going towards this is criminal. I'd rather see $10,000 of our money going towards improving Cazenovia Park.

Finnegan already has two government funded, public sector jobs. He works for the Buffalo Board of Education as well as Erie County (at the Flickinger Center). I'd like for Higgins to tell the taxpayers exactly what hours Finnegan works and what he does to earn this $10,000. If I decide to run for the school board this Spring or as a spoiler in another race, can I have $10,000 to hire people to collect my signatures and put up my signs? Please don't tell me Finnegan brings anything else to the table besides that. I will keep asking the question on this blog until someone gives me an answer.

Lawmakers split on town hall meetings



  1. Keep up the great work Mike! Hold these ignorant,arrogant morons accountable.

  2. thank you, whoever you are. it can be tough sometimes. but i think the system only works if the majority vote and pay attention to the people they're electing.