Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week six

Week six is upon us. Our three amigos are in the midst of a dogfight. Speaking of which, Michael Vick was in a charitable mood last weekend at Rich Stadium tossing a career high four interceptions. Philadelphia seems to have too many chiefs and not enough indians. No matter what the sport, you need role players willing to do the dirty work. Here are Buddy the Book's and the Rooster's picks for week six...

Buddy "the Book" from Amherst

Buddy wished to comment on what is now being referred to throughout the city as "the Comerford coverup." He asked me to extend his congratulations to the young man for standing up to the Lieutenant. Apparently, Buddy was jumped one night by three hoodlums outside of Griffin's Bar few years ago. He felt the Lieutenant in question could have done more to ensure his safety that night. I wasn't there and I do not know the police officer he is referring to, so I'm only relaying the message. I don't have anything against any cops or most Comerfords. Buddy's play of the week this week is the St. Louis Rams. He is also going with Philly, San Francisco, Dallas, and Tampa Bay. He also told me on Thursday that Bishop Timon would defeat the one room schoolhouse known as Randolph by 7 points. The Tigers did in fact win 10-0 in what must have been a mud bowl.

Last week 2-3-0
overall record 8-10-2

The Rooster (with help from MacGavis)...


MacGavis is upset that this column failed to mention that he did pick up the tab on the Rooster's wings (no pun intended) a few weekends ago at Doc Sullivan's. The Rooster points out that the last time MacGavis paid for lunch was at the old Ounce and a Half bar (where the Tanning Bed now stands.) By the way, when did one chicken wing start costing 80 cents?

This week Mac says go with Carolina (+4) over Atlanta. San Francisco is the over 40 bet so they are going with the Lions (-4). The Patriots fall under the 30-30, so bet the Cowboys (+7) in that matchup. Take Houston (+10) and the points over the Ravens. The underperforming Eagles are inexplicable favorites on the road at Washington. All logic says to go with the Skins. The Rooster says, "sense in the NFL never makes sense". For this reason, he says to take the Eagles (-2.5).

On a serious note, the Rooster wishes to remind my 12 readers that November is Juvenile Diabetes Research Month. Years ago, he was urged by Father Ron Pesci

to get involved with the cause. Each year, approximately 15,000 children and 15,000 adults are diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. (That's 80 people per day.)

last week 2-3-0
overall record- 10-9-1

The Ninja

Fresh off the "pizza incident" at Leo's Pizzeria, the Ninja is issuing a fatwa in the direction of the Rooster. He wants to keep track of the picks the rest of the season, starting in week VI, with the loser buying the winner dinner at Mulberry's in Crackawanna. Of course, should the Rooster accept this challenge, I would join them in this meeting of the minds. As of 5:26 PM on Saturday, I am awaiting the Ninja's picks. You can't hurry art.


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