Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mayor's spokesperson hires his own spokesperson

As if it isn't ridiculous enough that the mayor of Amherst's largest suburb needs a spokesman, now the spokesman has hired a spokesperson of his own at $80,000 per year. Add channel 4's Lorey Schultz' name to the list of completely unnecessary patronage positions in Bloated Byron Brown's administration. Mike DeGeorge (who happens to be Tony Masiello's brother-in-law), named her as his new assistant...

Schultz’s new role will involve “a lot of writing,” she said.

DeGeorge also said Schultz’s work will be “heavy on the writing side,” and will include news releases, advisories and speeches.

Schultz, who will be paid an $80,971 salary, has been at WIVB since 1994, according to her profile on the station’s web-site.

So when you get hit with the ridiculous garbage tax and the asinine parking regulations downtown, you can rest assured your hard earned money will be used to put out news releases and speeches. This, at a time when the city is cutting police officers, firefighters, and teachers. If Mickey Kearns or Rich Fontana care about the will of the people, they will vote against this clear political hire when it comes before the council for confirmation. Tell the mayor to have one of his 12 deputy mayors write his speeches for him...

Schultz set to join mayor’s team


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