Friday, October 21, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week seven

It's hard to believe week seven is upon us. We have our first quitter. The Ninja has decided picking five games a week is too stressful. He said, "he is hoping to devote more time to his family." The Seneca Street Scammer was supposed to replace him,

but true to his reputation, has yet to send me his picks...

Buddy "the Book" from Amherst

Buddy had a great week last week going 4-1. He was not surprised to hear the news of Ninja quitting calling him, "a sorry excuse for humanity." This week, Buddy has decided to go with Carolina, Atlanta, Minnesota, and Arizona. He also reached out to Billy the Kid from Riverside who told him to take San Diego. Finally, Buddy is predicting Bishop Timon will upset the Crusadequeers of Canisius in a close game.

last week 4-1-0
overall record 12-11-2

The Ninja

Ninja called me at the 11th hour with picks...

He likes Oakland, Tennessee, San Diego, Washington, and Norleans.

The Rooster (with help from MacGavis)...

The City Hall Rooster wishes to point out that on Sundays, he usually only picks two games and is 7-2. He also wanted to tell Ray that he always goes with the number 312 Ray's brother Bill's birthday) in the daily numbers. Sister James Christopher never forgets that day, according to the Rooster.

While talking to Sister James, she pointed out that she only watches God's teams (the Saints and the Cardinals). She said she didn't like teams with nasty reputations like the Steelers or the Raiders (the Blogger's favorite team, besides the Bills). In honor of the nun, the Rooster is picking New Orleans (-14) and the holy Cardinals (+4) over the Steelers. Also, take the Chiefs(+4) over Al Davis' beloved Raiders. Being on an all fish diet, MacGavis says go with the Dolphins to win their first game of the season. Finally, the Rooster says the Monday night line (Ravens -7.5, smells like Mrs Dougherty's feet. He says Ravens rookie QB Blaine Gabbert delivers the ball like Bobby McGorty. In a bonus pick, Sr. James wants to remind us the Vikings QB this week is a Christian, Christian Ponder out of South Florida University. For all of you St. Pat's students out there, the Rooster wanted me to tell you Sister James Christopher is alive and well in Olean and welcomes visitors. (Bill, since you were her favorite, you should call her.)

last week 2-3-0
overall record 12-12-1

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