Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Accident waiting to happen

I want to say first that I like most of the changes down by the waterfront. The bike trails are nice and there seems to be more accessibility. I'm glad Doug's Dive is still open, even if the food is overpriced. One thing I'm not too high on is the end of Tifft Street. It just doesn't seem like it was designed properly. I haven't talked to one motorist that likes the circle they put up. It seems like you can't see the cars coming from the opposite direction.

I have to question the intersection pictured here in front of Gallagher (formerly known as Welfare Beach). We have three one way roads to our right(the middle road is the entrance to the skyway). If you don't take it everyday, it's hard to tell which way you can go. Since people are taught to veer to the right, it seems like the road closest to you would be the entrance. I'd hate to see someone take this road and go the wrong way. I know there are signs, but there are so many signs it could easily confuse an elderly driver or someone from out of town. The first time I got to this intersection, I wasn't sure which way to go, and others have told me the same thing.


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