Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The old never leave...

Remember the governor's race when the three stooges (Ed Koch, Al Damato, and H.Carl McCall) wrote a letter to New Yorkers criticizing the candidacy of Carl Paladino?


What a shocker! Guess who was just named by Cuomo to chair the SUNY system?...

ALBANY -- Gov. Cuomo yesterday named former political rival H. Carl McCall to chair the SUNY board of trustees.

The appointment to the unpaid post came after McCall delivered key support, including a political ad, during Cuomo’s campaign for governor last year.

Cuomo denied this was payback eight years after they squared off in the primary for the 2002 Democratic nomination for governor.

McCall will be in charge of a sprawling university system. His wife, Joyce Brown, is president of SUNY’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Spokespersons for SUNY and Cuomo said McCall would recuse himself from any issues or votes involving his wife, who earns $275,669 a year, or her campus. They noted that McCall, a SUNY board member for four years, has recused himself on all FIT matters.


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  1. Empty suit. Read Grasso's book, and McCall was knee deep in the whole retirement package mess at NYSE. Fellow board members assumed that the former Controller of NYS would have some semblance of financial knowledge. It was like someone farted in church. They were appalled at his lack of even the most basic concepts of finance. An embarrassment.