Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter to the Control Board re: Lorey Schultz hiring

Many of you have expressed shock and anger over the recent hiring of channel 4's Lorey Schultz at $81,000/year as an Assistant Spokesperson to the mayor's Spokesperson. I've fired off this email to the city's Fiscal Stability Authority (Control Board) in an effort to prevent this unnecessary, politically motivated hiring from taking place. I'd like to emphasize that I don't have anything against Lorey Schultz personally (I've never met her and I admire the work she's done at WIVB). I'm simply against the position itself and not the person receiving it...

To whom it may concern:

After reading of the newly created appointed position (Assistant Spokesperson to the mayor) , I felt insulted as a taxpayer and lifelong city resident. We are constantly hearing about the need to "create revenue" for the city because it is broke. Teaching positions are being eliminated, class sizes have been increased, and our police and emergency responders are being asked to do more with less.

Mike DeGeorge and Lorey Schultz had the audacity to describe the duties of this new position as "writing speeches" and "putting out press releases" for the mayor. Can the city afford this blatantly unnecessary post at a time when many of it's residents are scrambling to pay their bills? People read about an $81,000 salary and wonder how out of touch our city officials must be. College graduates are leaving this region at an alarming rate, because they cant find $30,000/ year jobs. The people I've spoken to about this new position are very upset about it. There is also the issue of residency. Is Lorey Schultz going to sell her house in Eggertsville or is she going to rent a token apartment in the city, so it looks good?

As an active taxpayer, I am asking your body to question this new position. This is exactly the type of nonsense which made the formation of a Control Board necessary in the first place. We will not let this issue drop. Please take a stand for the taxpayers of this city. Thank you.

Mike Blake

*If you feel this newly created position is a slap in the face to taxpayers, I encourage you to write to the Control Board at

If you're not a writer, you can call them at (716)853-0907

They tried to sneak this by the taxpayers. The city is hurting and one thing we don't need is another politically appointed job in City Hall.


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