Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York City protests

Photo by Andrew Blake, Washington Correspondent

700 people were arrested in New York City today in what was called the Occupy Wall Street protest. I don't think the media expected such a huge turnout. It's about time the young people woke up and began taking the country back from the greedy corporations...

"We don't have one central argument," said Jed Brandt of Brooklyn. "We have a lot, but the basic issue is our democratic structures are broken in this country."

And when a Congressman showed up - Rep. Charles Rangel, who told protesters, "We have to take our country back" - demonstrators made it clear government isn't working.

"You, sir, have no business being here - you're part of the problem,"
they retorted.

This could turn into something big, as many young people are frustrated with the current state of the economy. How do you pay off student loans when the only jobs available are minimum wage? I have nothing against independent businesses. But it seems like big corporations are doing their best to antagonize the working class in this country. People are willing to work for a decent wage. However, when the executives treat the workers like crap, the workers tend to resent their $20 million salaries. The young malcontents vow to stay in New York City throughout the winter. Stay tuned.

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