Wednesday, October 5, 2011

South Buffalo donors to Brown: The sewer rats next door

Rust belt cities like Buffalo and Detroit have been hit hardest by the economic realities of the 21st century. It's times like this when strong leadership is of the utmost importance. Remember, a few months ago when South Buffalo was the only part of the city left out of block grant allocation?

The Ninja calls the current strategy to change South Buffalo the Let's Transform Seneca St. into Grant Street Project. We're currently being led by an empty suit mayor, more than happy to preserve the status quo in city hall. So, who are the South Buffalo residents supporting Mayor Brown? I checked out the Board of Elections website to find out how much some of your neighbors have spent to help sell the rest of us out. I've included major donors from 2007 to the present, their street addresses, and the total amount of bribes they've given to the mayor. These are the people directly contributing to the demise of our neighborhood, all in an effort to further their own careers. These are people you just can't trust.

Friends of Tim Kennedy $3,175.00 (So, if you've ever supported Kennedy, you are actually supporting Byron Brown).

Friends of Tim Whalen $240.00 -(Not enough "friends" to keep his Legislative seat, however).

Goin' South $1,400.00- (Ray McGurn likes to say they are a "nonpolitical" civic group. Like everything else coming out of Ray's mouth, this is clearly a lie.)

Higgins for Congress-$2,250.00

Vincent Barrile- 20 McKinley Pkwy. $2,175.00

Joseph Bartosik-472 McKinley Pkwy. $1,440.00

Frank Bifaro, Jr.-16 Red Jacket Pkwy. $475.00

Daniel Bonner-70 Tudor Blvd. $2,430.00

William Bortel-168 Folger St. $800.00

Martin Boryszak-52 Whitehall Ave. $1,720.00

Diane & Robert Bukowski-55 Morgan Rd. $1,375.00

Thomas Caulfield-110 McKinley Pkwy. $1,785.00

David Comerford -435 Eden St. $3,540.00

Mary Comerford-114 Whitehall $530.00

Jim Comerford- 435 Eden St. $625.00 (Actually lives in East Aurora. This is the fake address he uses so people don't know he is a residency violator. It doesn't work, though).

Jeff Conrad- 30 Densmore St. $665.00 (Still thinks he's going to get endorsed for a future office. Save your money, Jeff.)

Joseph Coughlin -89 Edgewood Ave. $500.00 (Will never be mistaken for a Rhode Scholar).

Dennis Dargavel- 1110 Abbott Rd. $550.00 With that goofy-ass mustache, looks like Rollie Fingers or Fred Goldman from the O.J. trial.

Larry Doctor-70 Hanson St. $1,200.00

Shawn Esford-16 Shenandoah Rd. $425.00

Marilyn Fazio- 23 McClellen Circle $1,695.00

Chuck, Jan, Krista, Peggy Feldman-189 S. Legion Dr. $1,150.00

Richard Finnegan-188 Columbus Ave $2,455.00 (Was able to purchase a full time garbage position for his son. Who needs college when it's much easier being a neighborhood hack?)

Kathleen Fitzpatrick-56 Hansen Ave. $1,750.00

Jeff Ford-47 Altruria $2,550.00 (An embarrassment to South Park Avenue. Looking for a promotion. Clearly thinks very little of himself.)

William Gallagher-194 Culver Rd. $1,000.00

Brian Gould-118 York St. $500.00

William Grillo-26 Edgewood Ave. $900.00

John Hannon-38 Turner $925.00

Kevin Hannon- 101 Strathmore $1,770.00

John Hannon, Jr.-38 Turner $1,635.00

John Heffron-73 Susan Lane $2,150.00

Nicholas Heidinger-$825.00 (My good friend from the Old 1st Ward Center. Too smart to be included in this group. Uncle Cecil would be disappointed.)

Mike Hughes- 13 Taylor Dr. WS $2,000.00

Randall Kay-6 McKinley Pkwy. $850.00

Jim Keane-Florida resident (keeps address at 151 Whitfield) $1,250.00 (There's your friend, Mickey. You can start taking the daggers out of your back.)

Margaret Keane-same address $1,100.00 (The Keane's 40 year scam on South Buffalo residents continues.)

Sean Keane-171 Harding $1,700.00 (Guess who's changing the garbage cans in city hall? Here's a hint: His father paid $1,700 for him to "apply" for the position).

Richard Keane, Jr.- 234 Potters Rd. $2,010.00 (I like Richard Keane , Jr. and feel bad including him. He's a good man. I can't blame him for accepting an $80,000/yr job with the Thruway Authority. I would too, if I was in his shoes.)

Jean Kline-128 Coolidge Rd. $600.00

Anthony Krathaus-180 Downing St. $925.00

Charles Kulp-1015 Abbott Rd. $2,250.00

Brian Lackie-714 Abbott Rd. $1,580.00 (According to the Common Council's most recent minutes, he was just appointed chief water pollution inspector. Bribe successful.)

Peter Lane-30 Knoerl Ave. $2,100.00

Patrick Lewis-220 Tuscarora Rd. $1,635.00

Robert Licata-263 Baraga St. $2,765.00

James Linkowski, Jr. 189 W. Woodside $3,140.00

Michael Lombardo-63 Cushing $1,100.00

Michael Lyons-37 Cantwell $2,000.00

Ray McGurn-48 Narangansett $1,350.00

James O'Neill-344 Eden St $1,100.00

Debbie Renzoni-20 Brost $2,775.00

John Scanlon-201 Cumberland $1,540.00 (Some of the Griffin loyalists chose to refrain from supporting all the corrupt people he despised. Then, there's John.)

Steve Stepniak-152 Dorrance $2,300.00

Paul Sullivan-139 Downing St. $1,150.00

Sharon Sullivan-139 Downing $810.00

Michael Whalen-162 Mariemont $1,000.00

See the complete list at:$1000.00&ZIP1=14075&ZIP2=14227&ORDERBY_IN=N&CATEGORY_IN=ALL

*Businesses/groups are listed first in alphabetical order followed by the individual donors.

One of the donors called a friend of mine to whine. See my response to him at:


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