Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Six students at the African American Cultural Center were chosen to voice their point of views on the Buffalo Public Schools. Superintendent Amber Dixon, who has yet to trim her bloated exempt staff, was also in attendance. The students were asked about what they would change at their schools...

Asked about one thing they would change about their school, Netanya Thompson, 13, was quick to respond.

“I would change the teachers,” said Netanya, who attends the Buffalo Academy of Visual & Performing Arts. “Why? Because I feel as if we need teachers that will conduct themselves in a positive manner and be good role models that will discipline us as students in a professional way and teach us to the best of their abilities.”

Dixon had a clear opportunity to defend the teachers at Performing Arts, who do their best every day under some pretty trying circumstances. Instead, she chose the predictable, politically correct, feel good response...

After listening to the students, Amber Dixon, interim superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools, said, “You really represent the best of who we are. You are positive and professional. You know how to speak. You know how to address the issues.”

Excuse me while I wipe the tears off my eyes. That was beautiful, Amber.

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6 city students offer ways to improve education

**In a related article, Buffalo News' reporter Mary Pasciak questions why Dixon's exempt staff has not been trimmed. Residency violator James Kane, who disrespected the Blogger, needs to move on to the private sector...

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