Thursday, October 13, 2011

Restaurant review: Francesca's

Fresh from his recent debacle at Leo's Pizza (see the pizza incident Oct.9, 2011), the Ninja called me up. He had heard Francesca's on Seneca Street had a great deal on Tuesdays and wanted to know if I wanted to check it out. As you might know, the only thing the Ninja loves more than Quick Draw or a roulette wheel is a quality meal at an affordable price.

He called it Francesca's last chance at redemption. The last time he went there he gave it a C, mainly because the desert tray was too close to the restroom exits. (This man takes his dining very seriously.) The Tuesday special at Francesca's is $5 appetizers and/or $10 entrees. Before the meal, the waiter came out and gave us some delicious bread. Ninja thought it was part of an appetizer, but was pleasantly surprised when told it was free. He was a little perplexed when the waiter sniffed my soft drink before placing it on the table. The Ninja said if it were his drink, he might have asked for another one. For his entree, he chose to go with the chicken cacciatore.

This meal brought tears of joy to my feudal friend. At the end of the meal, he was literally crying. He told the waiter a great meal sometimes has the ability to bring him to tears. Francesca's had achieved an A- rating from the Ninja who vowed to return on a future Tuesday. So mention the Blogger sent you, and they'll probably say, "Who the hell is the Blogger?"

As an aside: Francesca's has a Frank Sinatra impersonator perform every Friday evening. From what I'm told, the show has become very popular. The performer is blind, and sounds exactly like the real deal. Here's an interesting tidbit that you probably already knew anyway: The character Johhny Fontaine from the Godfather movies was allegedly based on the real life of Frank Sinatra. Here is Al Pacino telling his future bride about Fontaine's rise to the top...

The Pizza Incident:

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  1. Skip the restaurant reviews,do what you are best at,digging up the dirt on dirty South Buffalonians!