Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Council set to make their choice

I told you the new Council appointment would turn into a three ring circus. However, I was clearly wrong when I said it would be smooth sailing for Matt "Don't call me Charley" Fisher. Perhaps the Council's majority heard he was bad mouthing the Blogger behind his back and realized he was finished. Who knows?...

-Looks like Rich Fontana's cheap ploy to get Brian Bollman on the Council has failed. I'm told he has withdrawn, after it became apparent he hadn't lived in the district for a full year. Apparently, when getting signatures for his boss last year, he listed a Gold Street (Lovejoy) address. Interestingly enough, the City Hall Rooster has announced he will be running for Masten District Councilman this Fall.

-The Buffalo News said the Council had narrowed the field to three candidates yesterday based on the supposedly all-important interview (Fisher, Bollman, and A.J. Verel). Now today, I'm hearing they might be rallying behind local nurse Linda Bain. Bain was not on their short list yesterday. Today, she is the favorite. The majority will stop at nothing to choose someone they can control. But, at least she wasn't dumb enough to badmouth me to a lifelong friend (at least not yet.)

-Speaking of Fisher, I'm told he had a difficult time getting the Democratic endorsement on Saturday. Apparently, his supporters on the Committee didn't show up and the meeting had to be delayed until they had enough members present. According to state law, I'm told they needed 22 members present. The 22nd person didn't arrive until well after the scheduled start of the meeting. Not exactly an auspicious start or a vote of confidence. Makes you wonder where the others were? Perhaps they heard Fisher has been speaking badly about the Blogger and decided he was "bad paper." 22 years working in the district with thousands of people and a guy comes up from down South, with half my education, and talks down about me. Get the gong ready. Yes, the same gong we used for Chris Fahey. It's going to be a great year...



  1. Mr Blake, what's this Fisher guy's story? I never heard of him till this Council Race started up. Is he a native born South Buffalonian or some blow-in like Mayor Brown? I'll reserve my own judgement on the guy till he knocks on my door and introduces himself, but I trust your instincts when it comes to judging people. I wonder if he knows how to find Seneca Street? Most politicians don't.


    South Buffalo Joe

    1. He was from S Bflo, then he moved to Georgia to become a priest (red flag). He came back when Mickey Kearns gave him a job as one of his assistants.

      When I overheard him talking condescendingly about me behind my back, he sounded like an arrogant, wannabe tough guy politician. He'll pretend like he's for Seneca Street but will bow to the clique in short time. Right now, he only knows the committeemen and a few St Ambrose Catholics. If he is appointed, we're going to see if he represents all of the neighborhood or just a select few. My motto is to show these clowns the same amount of respect as they show me. Thanks for your insightful columns. They've become very popular topics of discussion at Manny's and Mr. A's Pub. Some people are so angered by the truthfulness of their contents, they think I'm you.