Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lovejoy incidents

The Buffalo News Editorial Board is at it again. The nameless, faceless cowards who endorse every machine-backed politician now feel they have the right to cast judgement on city neighborhoods...

Things should work differently in mature communities. It should be that if a hate group tries to spread its racist message, it would be met by a peaceful but determined group of protesters, many of them white, to let the racists know they aren't welcome there.

That doesn't seem to be happening now in Lovejoy, and that's one of the saddest aspects of the harassment being visited on the African-American family of Ann Cooper.

So, in other words, the people in Lovejoy aren't as "mature" as the editorial board members and their neighbors. First of all, I'd like to ask the members of the editorial board why they fled to all white towns like Getzville and Clarence in the first place? These people have no idea what it means to be poor, yet they have the right to tell the poor how to live? If they're so concerned about neighborhoods like Lovejoy and the Old 1st Ward, why don't they sell their suburban homes and move down there? I guess it's much easier to throw stones from Spaulding Lake without even knowing the whole story.

The only people who really know what is going on down in Lovejoy are the people involved and the police. People in Buffalo's poorer neighborhoods live next to people of color all the time. When things like this take place, the media is usually not getting the whole story. My neighborhood is multiracial these days. However, a scumbag is a scumbag, and they come in many different colors. We had a drug dealer recently evicted down the street. He happened to be white. I'm sure my white neighbors and the black people living next door to me were both happy to see this guy gone. If he had been black, would we have been racists to want to see him out of the neighborhood?

I don't know the real story going on in Lovejoy. From what I understand, it's a house with 14 people living in it. One Buffalo News reader close to the neighborhood described it as a "welfare motel." The teens in the house recently robbed both a pizza deliveryman and a Chinese delivery worker. The question I have is how many kids live there and by how many fathers? Are the fathers present in the house? Do the juveniles involved (both white and black) have criminal records? For the Buffalo News to tell the residents of Lovejoy they need to be more mature (without knowing any of the facts), is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Thank God nobody wastes their 75 cents on the nonsense they pass off as journalism anymore. Like I said, if the people on the editorial board are really concerned about Buffalo being one of the most segregated regions in the country, sell your suburban homes and move into a city neighborhood. These people have no idea what actually takes place on city streets on a daily basis.

Where's the outrage?



  1. it was in friday or saturdays paper, it was the follow up story. the blacks claimed they didnt order the food and rob both delivery guys but the paper sed only the chinese guy got away and just the pizza was recovered but they mentioned pizza AND wings were delivered. where'd the wings go?...lovejoys a great scenic route

  2. First I would like to point out that both parties are guilty
    As for this being a hate crime......please explain how this when two of the boys that were arrested are of non-cauasian ethnicity? Of course the teens making racial comments were wrong in their action but why was it ok for the cooper family to take things into their own hands worsening the situation. The worst part about this whole situation is that neither party can admit they are wrong and this is why issues like this will never be resloved. As for the food deliveries.....first of all even if u didn't order the food stealing is stealing and how does this compare to the bigger issue of violence?

    1. I agree 100%. I've subbed many times at school #43. The black kids and the white kids sit together at lunch. I've never witnessed racism with the kids from this neighborhood. If a kid is trouble, it doesn't matter what color he is.Likewise, if he/she is a good kid, everyone gets along with them.

      I just find it unfair that the local media (especially the Bflo News) thinks they can label an entire neighborhood as racist based on the actions of a few. And this stuff is written by writers from Clarence, who moved away from Bflo so their kids could go to all white schools. Talk about hypocritical.

  3. I've been following the story via the buffalo news and also know people who live in the area and find it frustrating that the buffalo news is not telling the entire story and feel that by doing so they are instigating the situation so they have yet another story to write.

  4. I have a friend, a mature person in her 50's, who witnessed 3 black boys from the Cooper house accost the white boy walking down the street (later arrested and identified as Jamie. The bisstest of the bloack boys smashed Jamie's head onto Benzinger Street and beat him about the face. Where is mention of this in the Buff News? Where was it mentioned that he was arrested? The BuffNews wanted to generate it's own version of racism following the Travonne Martin case. It wanted a bigger story so it would make the wires across the country and give itself the glory.

    1. yea, what kills me is this editorial. It almost sounds like they are preaching that the neighborhoods they live in are more enlightened than city neighborhoods. I would argue the opposite, as people of all colors live near each other in the city. Donne Esmonde is the worst. He'll preach all his liberal B.S. to the readers, but would never even set foot in a neighborhood like Lovejoy. Total tool.