Friday, April 13, 2012

The demise of Seneca Street

The question on everyone's mind lately is, what motivates South Buffalo Joe? He's worked very hard his whole life to provide for his family. He puts in ten hour days at the lumber mill and then stops at his local Gin Mill for a cold one on a nightly basis.

All he wants is for people in his community to take a look at what the First Families of South Buffalo have given them during the last forty years and what they've taken for themselves. In his latest comment, he discusses the abandonment of Seneca Street by the aforementioned political families of South Buffalo. The parents of these people were firemen, bricklayers, ironworkers, etc. What Joe finds ironic and repulsive is how arrogant they've become in the face of urban decay. They still want to claim their blue collar roots (when it's convenient for them), but have done absolutely nothing to spur economic growth for the area...

Our local rat-bag politicians abandoned good ol' Seneca Street many years ago. They all moved on to greener pastures and never look back, yet it's funny how they're often the first ones to claim they have "Seneca Street roots." Go stuff your stories about your grandfather being born on Unger Street, @$$hole! Save that for your next St. Patrick's Day song and dance fundraiser, just get some jobs over here. Real jobs, I might add - not minimum wage Burger King enslavement's for those of us who are not politically connected to High Pants and his political machine. As we all know from past actions, the few times when real jobs became available, they went exclusively to the politically connected. When's the last time you heard of a government funded position or an apprenticeship in one of these building trades unions with strong ties to government contracts go to anyone outside the circle jerk of the local political clique?

A good example of this which comes immediately to mind was when a now defunct automobile parts manufacturer, a subsidiary of General Motors, was lured to open several small branch plants in Buffalo. Well guess what? Low and behold the only people who got jobs in these plants were those with strong political ties to Democratic Party HQ. I must say it made me laugh just to actually hear known South Buffalo political hacks say they were employed by private industry and not out of City Hall! Probably explains why that company eventually went bankrupt and they closed their local factories. Well that's beside the point - so you see, the few times opportunity does come to this depressed area, the prizes are swooped up for the political hacks of "South Buffalo's First Families" and the social climbing Jigginistas of the neighborhood. The real South Buffalo people who don't play politics get ignored, as usual. These kingmakers in Congress, the State Senate and Assembly, County Hall and City Hall better soon realize that the humble decent folk of South Buffalo who aren't part of the political-hack culture are hurting bad in this neighborhood, and these last four or five years have been especially brutal. The people living off Seneca Street and South Park Avenue need real productive work. They need jobs that pay enough where they can actually earn a living. There hasn't been jobs like this in South Buffalo since Republic Steel, Trico and Mobil Oil closed their gates for good in the early 1980s.

And what have are so called "leaders" done to replace those jobs with anything remotely similar? Nothing! Actively recruiting and providing government funding for methadone clinics, Salvation Army Shops, Burger Kings, Walmart's etc., to set up shop in the neighborhood actually does more harm to this area than good, so when our local politicians actually brag about these achievements it only flaunts their dull-witted incompetence. Again, we come back to the same problem. We're led by an oligarchy of idiots. New York State Election Laws are so crooked and one-sided that it's blatantly shameful we actually brag we live in a democracy. The numerous rigged-up requirements and obsolete laws mandated by the Board of Elections heavily favor Party (machine) backed candidates and incumbents, making it virtually impossible for any reform minded person - who isn't politically tied - to ever wining, much less running for a political office. Consequently, we get the same nefarious cabal running the show, who then sell themselves out to the highest commercial bidder, leaving virtually no power in the hands of the common people. It's a rigged game, folks. As comedian George Carlin once said about politics and power in this country, "Its a big club, friends, and you and I aren't in it."

-South Buffalo Joe

Some rough language, but probably one of the most accurate descriptions of politics and power in this country.I strongly recommend the following three minute clip...



  1. Great post. What's really worrying the Higgins team is the fact that Mickeys Kearns beat his man Fahey based on the support from the "poor" part of SB. The "elite" that live on Mckinley the other "rich" areas of SB couldn't overcome the grassroots support that Mickey had. As long as you, your friends and neighbors stick together, Higgins and TK better watch out.

  2. I think Higgins will prevail but TK will soon be a distant memory.Brian will have to do more research next time when he decides to throw his support behind a candidate.Brown,Conrad,TK and Fahey are prime examples of some of his blunders.