Monday, April 23, 2012

Classic movie scenes: The Godfather

I was at McDonald's at 1AM tonight with the Ninja. Working nights can be tough as you're wide awake when the civilized world is sleeping. I ran into the Godfather's son coming in for his nightly cup of coffee.

A Buffalo police officer, he has been known to check in for his late night coffee. After offering him some delicious ribs from another restaurant, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, he did.

I asked him if he'd be interesting in moonlighting as an armed bodyguard for yours truly. When one speaks the truth, there are some amongst us who would like to see that person silenced. Back to the drawing board. Had he not refused, I'd envisioned him preventing tragedies like this from occurring...
(Warning:very graphic content)

Michael (Al Pacino) takes a gun he hid in the bathroom and blows away his enemies, McCluskey (the off duty cop/bodyguard) and Sollozzo (his rival crime boss).


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